XIVI's Story & Values

Wear Whatever's Comfortable.

Est. 2020

Our Story

We founded XIVI on the belief that the clothes we wear, no matter the style or occasion, should be comfortable.

When you feel good, you look better.


XIVI is empowering comfort created sustainably, ethically, locally and in limited edition batches for everyday wear.


The future is comfortable.

Our vision is to open up the brand in a gender fluid way as we grow. XIVI is aware of its position as a small, sustainable brand and we plan to continue down the path we have started. As the brand grows we strive to continue producing small batches, keeping the brand complete of limited edition pieces, while expanding on the quantity of styles we can offer our community. 

This is just the beginning… But we know XIVI will gain your trust and loyalty. Welcome to the community!

Sustainability Efforts

The founder of XIVI was raised with sustainable values, promising to create with sustainable materials, locally sourced and remain locally produced.

Creating sustainably can be more expensive, but baby steps are key here. XIVI keeps prices as low as possible for the luxury, quality and sustainable products you love. XIVI, it's expensive. But that is a good thing...

If we created clothes that were less expensive, We would also be lower quality, bad for the environment and we wouldn't be able to support other local businesses along the way. It wouldn't be XIVI. To be clear, XIVI will never be cheap. But that is a good thing.

In addition, when our community shops online, one tree is planted on that person's behalf thanks to our partners at Noissue.


We came across Eucalyptus materials in search for the combination of the most sustainable comfort we could find!

The Eucalyptus isn't just sustainable, it's also naturally antibacterial, odor resistant, temperature regulating, uses 99.5% less water that even cotton and is extremely soft.

The benefits are endless which is why we utilize this refreshing plant-based fiber in our clothes.

Eucalypti represents the division of underworld, earth and heaven. The eucalyptus leaf has a purifying effect, as negative energy disappears in the place where you burn a eucalyptus leaf.

They grow rapidly, attain great hight and they shed their leaves whether we use them or not. So let's use them.


We use locally sourced and crafted cotton, right here in Los Angeles.

Cotton is known for its comfort, low maintenance, versatility, and sustainability.

But did you know it also supports local farmers and communities?

Wear Whatever's Comfortable.

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Learn more about our founder: Taylor Rose.