Sustainability Program

XIVI’s brand vision is to create a brand consumers can trust. 
It is our goal to keep customers informed about the processes that go into keeping XIVI green.


The founder at XIVI was raised with sustainable values, promising to create with sustainable materials, locally sourced and remain locally produced.

Creating sustainably can be more expensive, but baby steps are key here. XIVI keeps prices as low as possible for the luxury, quality and sustainable products you love. XIVI, it's expensive. But that is a good thing...

If we created clothes that were less expensive, We would also be lower quality, bad for the environment and we wouldn't be able to support other local businesses along the way. It wouldn't be XIVI. To be clear, XIVI will never be cheap. But that is a good thing.

In addition, when our community shops online, one tree is planted on that person's behalf thanks to our partners at Noissue.

With every online purchase, 1 tree is planted.


"Love the selection and how well their products fit."

Ezra N.