XIVI Gift Cards are available between the value of: $100-$500. If you would like to purchase a larger value, we can do so over the phone.

All Gift Cards are redeemable online and in store.

One gift card can be applied to any purchase at check out. 

Gift Cards can not be converted to other currencies

Gift cards are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and not redeemable for cash unless otherwise required by applicable law.

Gift cards cannot be purchased at a discounted price during sales and promotions. They cannot be used to purchase other gift cards.

U.S. Dollars (USD) gift cards can only be used on our U.S. website. If you purchase your gift card on our websites, we’ll email the gift card to your chosen email address. From there you can use the code sent to the chosen email, email the gift card to someone as a present, or print out the gift card from the chosen email and give the physical paperwork to someone. 

Gift Cards expire after 3 years. 

We do not yet have physical cards to provide as gift cards but hopefully we will be able to change that soon! 

Use of the gift card constitutes acceptance of these Terms.

If you need any assistance, please call our store front: (323) 694-7316.

"Love the selection and how well their products fit."

Ezra N.